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Today's Rare Technical Patterns
2-DAY 5-DAY 10-DAY 20-DAY
WG WILLBROS GROUP INC. 1.16 821,342 +0.01 (+0.87%) Oversold Condition: Slow Stochastics D Line near historical low at 1.64
CVA Covanta Holding Corporation 14.75 1,032,171 0.00 (0%) Oversold Condition: Slow Stochastics D Line near historical low at 4.50
BMY Bristol-Myers Squibb Company 60.81 4,187,792 -0.50 (-0.82%) Oversold Condition: MACD is below zero 41 Days in a row
GE General Electric Company 17.99 61,015,889 -0.22 (-1.21%) Oversold Condition: RSI near historical low at 23.20
CMI Cummins Inc. 159.79 2,279,728 +0.36 (+0.23%) Oversold Condition: Slow Stochastics D Line near historical low at 6.85
CPB Campbell Soup Company 49.91 5,536,308 +0.19 (+0.38%) Overbought Condition: MACD is at 0.38
CPG Crescent Point Energy Corporation 7.21 1,408,468 -0.31 (-4.12%) Oversold Condition: Fast Stochastics K Line near historical low at 0.00
ETE Energy Transfer Equity, L.P. 16.18 6,057,502 -0.14 (-0.86%) Oversold Condition: Slow Stochastics D Line near historical low at 11.19
SNY Sanofi 44.33 596,799 -0.21 (-0.47%) Oversold Condition: Slow Stochastics K Line near historical low at 4.87


What Is a Rare Technical Pattern?
The rarity of a pattern is based on the number of occurences the pattern has happened in the past. Specifically, WingChart determines a pattern to be rare if it happened in less than 10% of the time (percentile) among all historical data points. The lower the percentile, the more rare a pattern is. One common use of rare patterns is in contrarian trading strategy, which bets the opposite would likely occur after an extended period of time in one direction. >> Read More
Posted 2017-11-21T06:11:28Z
Some good podcasts to help understand Crypto $btc.x
Posted 2017-11-21T06:05:48Z
More big news —Internet neutrally ... kablooey $vz $nflx
Posted 2017-11-21T05:52:27Z
$SFIX added position at $14.82 today. Looks like a service people love that can easily scale further.
Posted 2017-11-21T05:40:33Z
$LIT Global electric car sales have surged to a record in the third quarter
Posted 2017-11-21T05:34:49Z
All I️ hear these days is I’m never selling my Bitcoin which means a big sell off is at hand ... $BTC.X
Posted 2017-11-21T04:36:25Z
$UVXY this could trade all the way up to $14.68 tomorrow !!!!
Posted 2017-11-21T04:35:51Z
Posted 2017-11-21T04:32:05Z
@Sealers holiday week silly
Posted 2017-11-21T04:05:47Z
@WTC7 Good luck
Posted 2017-11-21T03:36:32Z
@Parkar all dirty money in bitcoin. One day it can become illegal. Until then its
Posted 2017-11-21T03:29:52Z
@PeteinSD I use support and resistance levels too but when something is in free fall like $GE, you often have to use alternative ideas. GL.
Posted 2017-11-21T03:24:53Z
@PeteinSD It’s similar to putting in a bid to buy something at a PEG ratio of 1. That may be incorrect, but you have to start somewhere.
Posted 2017-11-21T03:22:28Z
@PeteinSD When I calculated it the price was $14.75. Today the 5yr EPS growth is 13% and the projected earnings is $1.08. Buy now is $14.04
Posted 2017-11-21T03:22:03Z
$BTCUSD again looks topped out
Posted 2017-11-21T03:18:08Z
@PeteinSD I used the 5yr projected earnings growth rate (as a substitute for a P/E ratio) times next years projected earnings.
Posted 2017-11-21T03:17:52Z
I like what he discusses at 23 minutes in
Posted 2017-11-21T03:16:34Z
Some intermarket analysis on gold
Posted 2017-11-21T03:15:28Z
@s2convt point to limit downside
Posted 2017-11-21T03:15:19Z
@s2convt it's also a triangle on a shorter term. It doesn't negate the larger picture.. I could possibly consider buying but better risk
Posted 2017-11-21T03:14:35Z
@s2convt not a fan of descending triangles.. not 100% probability but bearish (at least short term) from my experience
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