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Today's Rare Technical Patterns
2-DAY 5-DAY 10-DAY 20-DAY
CTXS Citrix Systems, Inc. 83.49 1,434,509 +0.75 (+0.91%) Overbought Condition: Slow Stochastics D Line near historical high at 96.90
GDDY GoDaddy Inc. 45.00 694,958 +0.80 (+1.81%) Overbought Condition: Fast Stochastics K Line near historical high at 99.47
LRCX Lam Research Corporation 205.34 2,897,260 +4.36 (+2.17%) Up Streak: Price is up 9 Days in a row
WU Western Union Company (The) 20.31 3,783,924 +0.43 (+2.19%) Overbought Condition: RSI near historical high at 76.08
TXN Texas Instruments Incorporated 95.18 4,602,316 +1.73 (+1.85%) Overbought Condition: RSI near historical high at 80.07
EWJ iShares MSCI Japan Index Fund 57.52 10,051,528 +0.13 (+0.23%) Overbought Condition: RSI near historical high at 78.47
ALNY Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 114.68 1,251,051 -0.95 (-0.82%) Down Streak: Price is down 7 Days in a row
SBNY SIGNATURE BANK 134.13 1,188,898 +8.01 (+6.35%) Overbought Condition: Above Upper Bollinger Band by 2.3%
WRK Westrock Company 60.52 1,074,872 +0.91 (+1.53%) Overbought Condition: Fast Stochastics K Line near historical high at 99.30
SFNC SIMMONS FIRST NATIONAL CORP CLASS 60.45 834,343 +0.90 (+1.51%) Overbought Condition: Fast Stochastics K Line near historical high at 100.00


What Is a Rare Technical Pattern?
The rarity of a pattern is based on the number of occurences the pattern has happened in the past. Specifically, WingChart determines a pattern to be rare if it happened in less than 10% of the time (percentile) among all historical data points. The lower the percentile, the more rare a pattern is. One common use of rare patterns is in contrarian trading strategy, which bets the opposite would likely occur after an extended period of time in one direction. >> Read More
Posted 2017-10-23T11:43:43Z
@lamonicabuzz good work.
Posted 2017-10-23T11:43:26Z
Posted 2017-10-23T11:43:22Z
@gumamela wat website is this analysis from???
Posted 2017-10-23T11:01:27Z
$JNJ nice
Posted 2017-10-23T10:53:16Z
@Jordan31 your mom/$1.6
Posted 2017-10-23T10:52:33Z
@Jordan31 needed a good laugh. Thanks.
Posted 2017-10-23T10:50:29Z
$ATRS I have a feeling even the slightest good Xyosted news drives this up 20%
Posted 2017-10-23T10:20:13Z
FWIW, Fear & Greed Index starts the week at 90, Extreme Greed. $SPX $SPY #Sentiment #StockMarket
Posted 2017-10-23T09:18:19Z
@Lionheart_Investor My NOV contract is up 1.92% as of 5 minutes ago.
Posted 2017-10-23T08:10:13Z
@LuckiSevens @Bombay55 are you saying MRNS has no serious competitors now and we have a multibagger rally continue here?
Posted 2017-10-23T05:11:43Z
green target was hit on thursday.. didn't even realize or I would have entered long
Posted 2017-10-23T05:04:37Z
$ATVI I've reviewed your chart and your 3 posts on ATVI, just got to say - why even bother, truly content free
Posted 2017-10-23T03:52:47Z
This chart makes a lot more sense tonight than it did on Friday
Posted 2017-10-23T03:18:41Z
$FIT Fitbit wanted to secure the Ionic's spot on your wrist this holiday season before it was completely ready
Posted 2017-10-23T03:08:35Z
Sometimes when I've got nothing better to do I comment on old posts. Once my work calms down I'll focus on new ideas
Posted 2017-10-23T02:58:31Z
This is chart is starting to make more sense now
Posted 2017-10-23T02:55:29Z
It’s looking like $GE is trying to put in a bottom based on their assurance that the dividend will not be cut. If it’s cut all bets are off.
Posted 2017-10-23T02:51:09Z
$IMGN A great company with a small market cap and a high beta. Volatility should not be a surprise. Buy the dips, benefit from the moves. 💵
Posted 2017-10-23T02:50:45Z
Posted 2017-10-23T02:46:02Z
$MNKD A great company with a small market cap and a high beta. Volatility should not be a surprise. Buy the dips and benefit from the moves.
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